If Arjun Reddy is East then my film RX 100 is west - Director Ajay Bhupathi

An Incredible love story "RX 100" is all set for release on 12th July. Karthikeya and Payal Rajput played the main lead roles and Ajay Bhupathi who came from RGV school directed this film for first time. Ashok Reddy Gummakonda bankrolled it. The trailer has created big hype for the film and makers are very strong about movie success. As the film is releasing on 12th July, Director Ajay Bhupathi revealed few interesting things about the film.

He said "RX 100 is very realistic film and an impossible love story sets in village backdrop. It's a story of an arrogant boy who falls in love with a girl. His bike Yamaha RX 100 plays a crucial role in this film. I feel that only such boys with such characters will ride Yamaha RX 100. I thought RX 100 title will be perfect apt for this film and we consulted Japan Yamaha company for confirmation. Luckily we got permission for the title".

"I first narrated this film to Vijay Devarakonda. He liked it but he is busy with other commitments, so we decided to rope in new talent. Karthikeya is perfect apt for this film and I am surprised to see his talent. Heroine Payal Rajput suits well in her role and she act well. They both make a stunning pair and it will be visual treat for all movie lovers" he added.

He later said "The film is nowhere related to Arjun Reddy. If Arjun Reddy is East then my film RX 100 is west. As soon as trailer is out, we got huge response from the audiences and many texted me that they are waiting for the film. Even distributors and exhibitors bought this film for crazy price".

Tamil actor Ramki plays very important role in this film. His character will be major highlight in the film. The climax will be about 25 minutes and whole episode will be under Rain. Producer  Ashok Reddy Gummakonda believed the director and spent lot of money for this film.