Jr Trisha Ready For 'Everything'?

Reshma Rathore

Look-alikes of noted celebrities are quite common in cinema circuits. Though they don’t get the fame like the originals they still manage to have their moments of glory. Right now, one actress has been making her mark for her facial features but she seems to be conveying that she is ready for more than that.

Her name is Reshma and she is being tagged as Junior Trisha as some of her facial features resemble the top league heroine. Already Reshma is getting into few photo sessions showing her navel. Apparently, she is trying to spread her identity and send a statement across that she is ready for ‘Everything’.

On the other hand, she is also trying to cash in on the success of her debut movie ‘Ee Rojullo’ which is still running strong in the theatres. While some say Reshma is doing the right thing by taking advantage, there are those who say she has joined the regular bandwagon of actresses with her exposing.