Sachin revealed nude poster secret of Amir's "PK"

Aamir Khan

Amir Khan's "PK" flick posters turned out to be a sensational one in Bollywood film industry. In fact, Amir has fans all over the world and hence the entire set is interested to know the secrets behind the nude poses of Amir in this flick. 

Sachin Tendulkar is the first one to watch "PK" complete venture. Amir arranged special screening to Sachin and this Cricketer came out of the screening with huge smile. He mentioned that this flick is the best one he has watched in his life. Speaking on the interesting nude poster element, Sachin mentioned that he promised Amir not to say anything about the story.

Sachin further hinted audience on this saying that Amir's performance will attract audience emotionally and it has a strong message in it. This means that this flick will be a message oriented one and Amir's nude pose too has a strong meaning. Stay tuned to know further secrets of "PK".