Ileana compared dating to a train journey!


Curvy beauty Ileana D'Cruz compared dating to a train journey. She stated that dating is equivalent to train journey while marriage is equivalent to flight journey. If you want to get separated in dating, it will be easy to do it but it is not the same case when it comes to marriage.

Ileana, who previously commented about sex and romance related topics, finally came to the point of dating Vs marriage. Looks like, Ileana has very strong points on these two topics and she is pretty clear about the thin lined difference between the two.

With these statements, it is conformed that Ileana will fix to a single person throughout her life after marriage. "Who will that lucky person be?" turned to be the point. There were few reports that Ileana is dating an Australian photographer. We have to wait for some more time to get comments of Ileana on this topic.