In - Talk: Ileana desperate to re-enter Tollywood!


Ileana D'Cruz, the actress who is currently moving ahead with Bollywood, is now stated to have decided to come back to Tollywood. It seems that she sent message to all the film makers that she is fine coming back to the home ground. 

After getting into the top level stardom, Ileana left Tollywood and went to Bollywood film industry. She reduced her measurements to get the best attention in that industry. All her attempts failed and she failed to hit the top position in that industry. 

Looks like, this is the reason for Ileana to decide to come back to Tollywood. At present, few film makers in Tollywood were stated to have shown interest in taking Ileana. We have to get final conformation from the media on this topic. Stay tuned to know Ileana's come back flick in Tollywood.