Is Sruthi Hasan's break-up with her boyfriend..?

Shruti Haasan, Kamal Haasan, Gabbar Singh

The latest rumor in film industry is that Shruthi haasan has broken up with her boyfriend, there were many articles came out recently that both Shruti and her boyfriend are living together in Mumbai and Everyone thought that there would be a marriage invitation call from Kamal's house but all of a sudden they are getting so many rumors about their relationship.

These are the rumors which are coming in the film circles are telling that the main reason of their break-up is boy friend over possessiveness as he is over controlling Shruti and also demanding her to stop the films before marriage itself which was not at all liked by Shruti and by this reason she was totally got broked up with her boyfriend.

But, As we all know that Shruthi haasan is dating with London-based actor Michael Corsale from the past few months. At last month we have seen both Shruti and her boyfriend Michael with Shruti's father Kamal haasan. They also poses for the photos at a wedding function. And also we have seen both of them with Shruti Haasan's mother Sarika at a private party.

Recently on February 18th she posted a Michael photo in Instagram on the occasion of Michael's birthday and conveys her best message to him. So there is no issue in thier relationship up to February 18th. But what happened in these 10 days is really they both gets separated or these are all just rumors...? We have to wait until for the official confirmation from the closed representatives of Shruti haasan.