Bitter truth by Sri

Srinivasu Mangaam, Reshma Rathore, Maruthi, Ee Rojullo

Daily lot of people coming from various places to film nagar with loads of dreams to become actor, director etc etc. . . but one should have a god father or a strong background to fulfill their dreams.  Best and latest example for this is young hero "Sri" who was introduced  with "Erojullo" movie. More over he became a celebrity just with one film, later he done "Gola Seenu", "Love Cycle" etc. . .but those films became dud at box office. 

Heroine Reshma also in the same queue who tagged as Jr Trisha. These two were belongs to C - grade actors. But director Maruthi getting good fame and becoming famous movie by movie. Sri says " in order to grow in the industry one must have a solid backup. Once films flop, that person’s father must be able to produce a film or a banner must back him up." Talents comes into fame when a strong base supports it. . . bitter truth.