Talkie Part of Rahul Vijay and V.S. Creations movie completed

Mani Sharma, Shyam K.Naidu, Gadde Rajendra Prasad, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali

Popular Fight master, Vijay's son, Rahul Vijay is debuting as a hero in V.S. Creations production. Divya Vijay is producing the film and Ramu Koppula is the director. The film has completed the talkie part shooting. 

Director Ramu Koppula talked about the film on this occasion and said, "Cinema Talkie part has been completed as we planned it. The movie has come out very well as expected. Producer did not compromise in making and production values. The story is perfect fit for Rahul Vijay's body language. The young actor did his best in the role too. We will reveal other details very soon." 

Producer Divya Vijay said, "Director Ramu has done a great job in completing the shoot as planned. He is extracting the best output from Rahul Vijay and movie is shaping up really well. This movie is a love and family entertainer. Rahul and Kavya Thapar have a great chemistry on-screen. The film output is very good. Melody Brahma, Mani Sharma gave highly soothing music and Cinematography by Shyam K. Naidu is an asset for film. Talkie part has been completed for the movie and  the post production works will be started as early as possible. We will announce further details soon." 

Rahul Vijay, Kavya Thapar, Rajendra Prasad, Murali Sharma, Pavitra Lokesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Eshwari Rao, Rallapalli, Satyam Rajesh, Josh Ravi and others are part of the cast in this movie.

Music: Mani Sharma, Cinematography: Shyam K. Naidu, Editor: Navin Nooli, Fights: Vijay, Art: Chinna, Lyrics: Sri Mani, PRO: Vamsi Kaka, Line Producer: Raju Oleti, Producer: Divya Vijay, Writer- Director: Ramu Koppula