Born : October 15, 1924, Recent Release : Sneham,


A. Bhimsingh (1924–1978) was a film maker, producer, editor and writer from the Tamil Film Indusry. He has directed films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. 

He was born on October 15, 1924. 

His film career started as an assistant editor with the film making duo Krishnan-Panju, in the late 1940s. 

He became assistant director and then promoted as director. 

In his work he never tried to say anything contrary to the prevalent beliefs and traditions of his audience. 

His films mainly dealt with family relationships. 

He hailed from Tirupathi and his mother was a Telugu Brahmin. 

He had a brother called Hukkum Singh. 

He was married to Sona, Sister of Krishnan - (Panju) and Thirumalai (Mahalingam) and Pattabiraman alias Pattu. 

He and Sona are survived by 8 children. 

One of whom is B. Lenin a noted film editor and winner of National Film Award for Best Editing and many other awards. 

B. Kannan has been the cinematographer of many of Bharathiraja’s masterpieces. 

Gopi Bhimsingh directed the memorable TV serial Vizhudhugal. 

Bhimsingh’s grandson Ranjit is doing wonderful work as a member of Koothu-P-Pattarai, and has appeared in an interesting cameo in Vaanam Vasappadum.


1961 Kalsi Vunte Kaladu Sukhamu

1961 Papa pariharam

1962 Pavithra Prema

1969 Manishichina Maguva

1970 Oku Kutumbam

1972 Maa Inti Jyothi

1975 Bhagyashalulu

1976 Chiranjeevi

1976 Bangaru Manishi

1977 Evaru Devudu

1978 Karunamayudu