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ANR - I will live 100 years with all your blessing

  Oct 19, 2013, 14:10 IST
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In 1944 Gantasala Balaramayya has seen me in Vijayawada while I was doing stage dramas and Introduced me to act in films, I am greatfully thanks to him for giving me a new life in cinemas, with this I started my cinema life and acted in so many films and bagged so many awards, rewards and blessing of the Audiences, 74 years of my film life has taught me many things. My whole life is dedicated to films and later my family also, my elder son Venkat, younger son Nagarjuna, my daughter sushila all are working in this film industry only, now even my grand sons and grand daughters are also working in this film industry. Now I am 90 years old and I spent 74 years of my life only for cinemas and this is a world record and still today I am working in films and I am very happy. I thank whole film industry who given me chance to work in there films.

In 1974 I suffered with High cholesterol, on 18th October 1974 I gone through surgery, I asked the doctors "How long will I live", doctors said "around 14 years" and again in 1988 I got heart attack, I was hospitalized, Doctors said "Nageswara Rao Heart is Inoperable, Unsuitable for a surgical procedure, If we operate he may not survive", I was not scared with those words but i was strong at that time, Now it is 25 years after Heart Attack, I use only Dilators but no medicines, My Self confidence and people blessing are saving me till today.

This year on October 8th i felt little pain in my stomach, I immediately went to few hospitals and made few tests and after one week investigation doctors found cancer symptoms in my body, i discussed briefly with doctors about cancer elements, Cancer elements will be very active in younger body and very slow in elder body, If cancer attack in younger age it will spread very fast and kill him soon but if cancer attack in elder or older age like me they will be very slow and attack less compare to younger body. Doctors said "Its not a death point but more years of living point". then I felt happy and made me more strong to live more happily. initially my family was depressed when they heard about cancer but now they are relaxed and not worrying.

Why I am telling you all these things ?, because people from outside and my well wishers are inquiring about me, trying to get more information about me, creating Gossips and few people are showing sympathy on me, all these things I didnt liked, so I discussed with my family and now I am revealing the truth in front of you. Nobody will dare to speak such kind of truth to the public, "We need Intelligence to Lie, but dareness to speak truth".

This disease will not Kill me, there are so many people who are living happily with this disease, my mother lived 96 years and I wish to live as many years as my mother lived, but with your all blessing I will live 100 years. If I get more film offers I will do till my last breath.

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