Director :V.V.VinayakProducer : C.Kalyan, Technicians : S.S.Thaman, Cast :Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Nassar

Reviewed By : Pavan  (MJ)


Verdict - Intelligent is pakka commercial film with goose-bump fights and hilarious comedy episodes

Intelligent film is out and out commercial entertainer film with edge-of-the-seat screenplay. The mind game scenes, Fights and comedy are one of the biggest highlights in the film. Sai Dharam Tej is perfect apt and Director VV Vinayak showcased him in a dynamic way. C. Kalyan produced it on Large scale budget. The film is released on 9th February, 2018.

Tej (Dharam Tej) is an Intelligent student. With the support of his God-father (Nazzar) he becomes a Software Engineer. He invent latest APPS to serve poor people. He is very loyal to his God-father and Boss Nazzar.

One day, A notorious Mafia Gang kills Nazzar to take over the company. How Tej, fight them back is rest of the story.

The story line of the film is very routine but VV Vinayak direction, Screenplay, Fights and comedy episodes makes this film watchable. Sai Dharam Tej is very energetic in Fights and his comedy timing is perfect. Though there are many villains in the film, Sai Dharam Tej carried the whole film on his shoulders. Lavanya Tripati looks young and beautiful. She is perfect beside Sai Dharam Tej. Nazzar plays very important role. Others did as required.

SS Thaman's music is one of the biggest highlight in the film. The Remix song, Chamak Chamak looks perfect. The Background score is extra meat on a tasty platter. Story is very routine but VV Vinayak directional skills helped to shine bright. Production values are  high. Almost all songs were shot aboard and lot of money was spent for shooting.

Today's Technology like hacking, Drone and applications were very well used in the film. Whole credit of the film goes to Sai Dharam Tej for his terrific performance and action episodes. Jaya Prakash and Posani Krishna Murali comedy is hilarious. Interval Bang and the concept of is terrific. 

Overall, Intelligent is pakka commercial film with goose-bump fights and hilarious comedy episodes.One time watchable.

Reviewed By : Vijay  (MJ)


Verdict - Inttelligent genuine review : Un predictable film from VV Vinayak.

Starring : Sai Dharam Tej, Lavanya Tripati, Sapthagiri, Posani Murali Krishna, Brahmanandam.

Director : V.V .Vinayak.

Producer : C.Kalyan.

Music Director : S.S.Thaman.

Story : Akula Siva.

Cinematography : S.V. Vishweshwaran.

Supreme hero Sai Dharam tej's latest film is 'Intelligent' which has directed by the Mega director V.V.Vinayak. Lavanya Tripati is playing as a heroine, SS.Thaman is the music director of this film. Story is written by famous story writer Akula Siva his previous films with VV Vinayak are 'Nayak', 'Yogi'.S.V. Vishweshwaran has done the cinematography for the film.

Teaser and trailer has released recently and gets the positive vibes from the audience. The film is bankrolled by C.kalyan under the banner of CK entertainments. Lot of expectations have kept on the film by Mega fans due to the director VV.Vinayak. So is V.V.Vinayak Satisfies them with his work? After a heavy-duty round of promotions, the film has hit the screens today. Let's talk about the movie.

Story : 

Vision software solutions owned by Nandakishore( Nazir) where Teja (Sai Dharam Tej) is working. He takes his boss as inspiration and also Teja inherits the qualities of helping poor and needy of his boss . Tej beleived that good will come out of doing good for others and falls in love with Sandhya ( Lavanya Tripathi) who dislikes him initially buts gains love after his honor of concerning women. Some people take over Nanda Kishore company by deceiving through mafia dons Vikki Bhai ( Rahul Dev) and his brother (Dev Gil) .But suddenly Nanda kishore commits suicide after giving his ownership on company to mafia chief Vikki Bhai. Then what Teja will do..? Who is Dharma Bhai..? Why did he came in middle of the story..? What did he do..? This is the remaining story of the film.

Analysis : 

The main intention of this movie is that we can go too far for a person who stand by us when we are in trouble. After so many negative comments and flops for Vinayak he puts full stop for all of them by his previous film 'Kaidhi No150' which has become superhit due to the hero elevations, story and comedy and once again V.V.Vinayak proved himself and his direction by the film 'kaidhi no 150'. And also he reached to the expectations of Mega fans by this film. But now V.V.Vinayak's latest film 'Inttelligent' with mega nephew Sai Dharma tej has purely disappoints the mega fans and his direction is completely failed to entertain general audience too. The hero elevation scenes are drastic, more over the screen play is worst. The film is a routine commercial flick, which is having old story and routine screen play. This film will looks like collision of two films 'Nayak' and 'DJ' some what, which are also having the same content and so many camparisions in the film with some minor changes. Akula Siva story is very bad.

Sai dharam tej action is up to his standard, his dance performance in the songs will gives satisfaction for the fans. Lavanya Tripati has done justice to her role. Other actors like Brahmanandam, Saptagiri, Prudhvi Raj, Posani has completely failed to entertain. Thaman music is impressive. Vishweshwaran cinematography is good. Production values are better and Visuals are pretty.

Plus points :

* Sai dharam tej action and dance performance. Lavanya Tripati action.

* Prudhvi Raj comedy in some scenes.

* Songs choreography.

* Production values.

Minus points :

* Story, Screen play.

* Direction.

* Dilouges.

* Logic is missing.

* Comedy.

On a whole, Even mega fans will not like this film and the rest will walk away with mixed feelings. This film will puts down the image path when it comes to heroism. Don't expect anything new from the film and director V.V.Vinayak. Inttelligent is also joined in the flop list of Tikka, Winner, Nakshatram, Jawan. Watch this one just for Sai dharam tej's acting and dance performance.



Reviewed By: Bala Krishna Anonymous
Cinema okkasriku choodavachu saptagiri mariu posani acting super Lavanya is okkkk but music is just disappointed inka Sai anna acting suite super peaks vinayak gari direction okkkk my review is 2.5/5

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