'Awe'some response from Overseas.

Nani (Naveen Babu Ghanta), Kajal Agarwal, Regina Cassandra, Murali Sharma, Nithya Menon, Prasanth Varma, Awe

Natural Star Nani, who is the most talented hero in the Tollywood and he has also produced his debut film 'Awe', which has released recently and getting mixed opinions from the both telugu states. But where as in overseas the movie gets a complete success and also running very successfully.

Awe is fantastic experiment made by the director prasanth Varma and executed by the Natural star Nani. Mostly in the A centers in AP&TS, the movie is running good. Especially in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and some urban areas the movie has been getting good positive responses. Audience came forward largely to encourage a different attempt, which gives confidence to future makers. But when coming to B,C centers the movie gets the negative talk at the very first show, but slowly it was also changing to positive talk. To know the complete result of Awe, we have to wait till the Sunday collections reveales. Up to know the first day collections of Awe movie, AP and TS states 1Day share - 92L.

New locations to be added to Awe in USA from Thursday. The locations are San Diego, Bay Area, Connecticut, Norfolk, Corpus Christi, Florence, Indiana, Tulsa, Los Angeles and a few more! AWE overseas distributors are into "profit zone" by 9PM on its first saturday.

$406,365 [ 2.60 Crores ] as of 9PM saturday. Expecting Half Million by Sunday !