Pawan fan assaulted - Where are we heading ?

Pawan Kalyan

Since few years, Kollywood is known to be a place for fan wars where star heroes are considered more than demigods. There have been many fan wars both in social media and outside, verbally and physically. Comparing to them, Tollywood is a lucky place as these type of wars were comparatively less.

But unfortunately, Tollywood is slowly grabbing up. From a couple of years, verbal wars between star hero fans became common practice. It continues before, during and after the release of a particular star hero movie. In what we can call a disgusting act a Pawan Kalyan fan has been assaulted. Twist, in this case, those who beat that person are also Pawan Kalyan fans.

Going into details, Pawan Kalyan fan posted a video on social media by scolding Pawan Kalyan for choosing such a lame subject. He even went on to beat Pawan Kalyan poster with a slipper. After that video went viral, Pawan Kalyan fans identified that person and assaulted him severely. They made him bend before the poster and say sorry. After that, they gave warning to others who are willing to spread hatred on Pawan. Police officials are now contemplating to take action against them.

In the above case, there was a mistake on both sides. He shouldn't make a video scolding Pawan and they shouldn't have assaulted him. Fanism should have a limit and it should not cross borders. Even your star hero is against it.