Tej gets huge support from mega fans more than,the newly arrived member of mega family.

Kalyan Dev, Sai Dharam Tej, A.Karunakaran, Rakesh Sashi(director), Chiranjeevi Konidala, Allu Aravind, Tej I Love U, Vijetha(2018)

Supreme hero Sai dharam tej, who was eagerly waiting for the blockbuster hit, at present he is very much busy in his latest film promotions. He had lot of hopes on his upcoming film 'Tej I love you', which is going to release on July 6th worldwide. At the same time,mega family introduced a new member Kalyan dev,who is named as son-in-law of Mega star Chiranjeevi.Dev is making his debut with 'Vijetha' and the film is all set to release on July 12th world wide.

So, both mega family heroes are coming with in a one week gap. But the maximum number of Mega fans are more excited to see 'Tej I Love you' than 'Vijetha'. Pre release business is also very poor for 'Vijetha', more over the distributors are not ready to buy 'Vijetha' movie rights. But this new member of Mega family is getting more support from mega family members such as Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravindh. According to the reports, Allu Aravindh himself involving into production work's and other rights distribution work's of 'Vijetha'.

'Tej I love You' is directed by sensitive director Karunakaran and 'Vijetha' movie is directed by Rakesh Shashi.