Family audiences are liking Tej I Love You - Director Karunakaran

A.Karunakaran, Sai Dharam Tej, Anupama Parameswaran, K.S.Rama Rao, Tej I Love U

Director A.Karunakaran has earned a special image as Love Stories Specialist by delivering Super Duper Hit Love Stories, 'Tholi Prema','Darling','Ullasamga Utsahamga'. His latest film is 'Tej I Love U' starring Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej, Stunning Beauty Anupama Parameswaran Presented by Vallabha Produced by Creative Producer KS Rama Rao under his renowned banner 'Creative Commercials Movie Makers'. 'Tej I Love You' which was released worldwide this Friday (July 6th) has garnered good openings and super hit talk all over. On this occasion, Director A.Karunakaran shares his happiness over the super success of the film with media on July 7th at Film Chamber Producers Council Hall, Hyderabad.

About Response For 'Tej I Love U'

The film is getting a very good response. The audience is connecting well for real incident scenes. Among all my Love Stories, 'Tej I Love U' has a very different screenplay. Friends and relatives are calling me and appreciating the film very much. It's been only one day since the film got released. So, we are expecting it to become a much bigger hit.

About Watching The Film With Audience

I visited all the theatres in city. The film is receiving heavy mass response everywhere. All Mega Fans are supporting the film. Everyone in theatre are enjoying the film. I am very happy seeing their reaction. Thanks to the audience and mega fans for supporting the film.

About The Making Of KS Rama Rao

This is my second film in 'Creative Commercials' banner. After listening to the story, KS Rama Rao garu said that the story is beautiful and we immediately started the film. This is the 45th film in his banner. He has perfect judgment in stories. Rama Rao garu is a very genius producer. His experience helped the film a lot. All of us worked to deliver a good film. Thanks to KS Rama Rao garu for producing such a beautiful film. He is very happy as a producer. 

About Sai Dharam Tej's Character

Sai Dharam Tej did an outstanding performance in this film. He extraordinarily did dances and fights in the film. This is a family love story. It has two action sequences along with entertainment. Those action scenes also blend with the story. Sai Dharam Tej did superbly in action scenes too. Everyone is praising them. 

About Being Called As 'Tholiprema' Karunakaran

I enjoyed making 'Tholiprema' without any tension. It became a trendsetter. People loved that film very much. I am trying to make such kind of film again. I feel pressure for my every film. Not every film will become a 'Tholiprema'. I will always try to reach that film. To achieve that, I need everyone's support.

About Gopi Sundar's Music

Gopi Sundar is a genius music director. 'Adiga...Adiga' and 'Andamaina Chandamama' songs became very big hits. He gave an extraordinary background score. Gopi Sundar's Music stands as one of the main highlights for the film. 

About Andrew's Cinematography

Andrew got introduced as a cameraman with 'Ullasamga...Utsahamga' film. He is traveling with me since then. When I went to set with a storyboard, He immediately grasps what I want and presents it visually onscreen. He picturized songs and scenes beautifully. His eye candy visuals are getting huge appreciation. His photography made the film look more beautiful. Art Director Saahi Suresh made fantastic sets. 'Darling' Swamy's dialogues are getting very good applause. My entire direction department supported me in getting the film right. It's due to our collective effort, we delivered a good film. Thanks to my entire team.

About Anupama Parameswaran 

Her performance is as beautiful and as fresh as a newly painted painting. She lived in her character. She mesmerized the audience with her performance through her eyes only in some scenes. Especially young audience are loving Anupama's character in the film.

About Response From Industry

Many Directors, Producers, friends, well-wishers calling me and appreciating me saying that I made a very good film.

About Family Members Response

My wife, Kids loved the film. Ours is a very big family with 35 members. I am very happy to receive their calls after watching the film.

About Best Compliment

The audience is laughing and enjoying the film so much. That is the biggest compliment for me. My close friends are are saying that the film is extraordinary.

About Future Films

I want to make films which are equally enjoyed by Kids, Youth, Adults. I want to present new love stories along with family entertainment. I can only make such kind of films and I will continue making such films.I have many stories. Currently, we are enjoying the success of 'Tej I Love U'.  I will think about my next film later.