Today's Youth Should watch Jamba Lakidi Pamba - JB Murali Krishna

Srinivasa Reddy

Jamba lakidi Pamba is a Trade mark film in Tollywood. EVV Satyanarayana has directed it and it remained as ever green film in Tollywood. Now, One more film with same name is gearing up for release this weekend. Leading comedian Srinivasa Reddy is playing the main lead role and Siddhi Idnani is playing as his love interest. JB Murali Krishna who is been associated with super hit films like Drushyam (Tamil and Telugu) and Manam has directed it. The film is all set for release on 22nd June.

How Jamba Lakidi Pamba started ?

I made this script long back. I narrated it to almost 116 people. Many liked the script but some how didn't materilised. Finally, Ravi, Jo Jo and Suresh came on board and now, We are ready for the release.

Can you describe the story line ?

The film is all about a married couple and their misunderstanding. I tried to give good explanation about marriage and it's value. Now a Days, Young couples are applying for divorce for silly reasons. I tried giving explanation about Love and Divorce is not the answer. It will be a complete family entertainer film and soul swapping element will be one of the driving force.

There are many films about Soul Swapping. How different is this film ?

There are about 37 films with this concept about soul swapping. I watched all the films and came up with a entertaining story 'Jamba Lakidi Pamba'.

Tell us about Srinivasa Reddy ?

After Srinivasa Reddy came on board. I made few changes keeping his body language in mind. He is perfect choice for my film and he given his best.

Your previous film 'Right Right' didn't do well at Box Office, Can you explain ?

While I was assisting many directors. MS Raju garu has given me an offer to direct this film. Right Right is a remake of Malayalam film 'Ordinary'. Now a days, It is tough to get a chance to direct a film and surprisingly MS Raju garu has given this offer. I tried to give my best but that film didn't do well at box office.

Next project ?

I am ready with bounded scripts and waiting for this film release.