Jamba Lakidi Pamba will be a Complete Family Entertainer - Siddhi Idnani

Srinivasa Reddy

New Actress from North Siddhi Idnani is making her debut with Jamba Lakidi Pamba in Tollywood. Comedian Srinivasa Reddy is playing the main lead role and Siddhi Idnani is pairing with him. JB Murali Krishna has written and directed the film. As the film is hit the screens on 22nd June, Model and Theater Actress, Siddhi Idnani speaks out about her working experience in the film.

Tell us about your background and How did this film Happened ?

My mother is a Television actress and I use to go to shooting sets along with her. The shooting background, camera, acting and everything attracted me. I did as Assistant for Gujarathi Theater Play. As I was working as a Asst. Some one has offer me a lead role in Gujarati film with Devank Patel when I am 17 years old. After that I completed my studies I got a call from Jamba Lakidi Pamba production house. They auditioned me and now I am here promoting Jamba Lakidi Pamba film which is releasing on 22nd June.

Tell us about your role in this film ?

I play a a different role in this film. The film is all about soul exchange and it's a challenging role for me to do. I watched all the films of Srinivasa Reddy so that I can be like him. It's a tough job and I hope I did my best.

Speaking Telugu ?

I am learning Telugu at first point. This is my first film in Telugu and I am very much excited about it. I am a theater actress and I use to have a rehearsal before performing on stage. Same thing I applied for this film too. I use to take the script in advance and rehearsal the dialogues at home. It was easy for me while shooting it. Right now, I can understand Telugu and I am learning quickly.

How is it working with Srinivasa Reddy ?

When I met Srinivasa Reddy for the first time, It was fun. He is a talented actor and his comedy timing is perfect. I was very scared to do comedy scenes with him but he is always encouraging.

Have you got any Offers in Telugu ?

I am hearing scripts but I didn't sign any films yet. I am waiting for this film release.

Final Words ?

Jamba Lakidi Pamba will be a fun ride. It's a Family entertainer and Whole family can watch this film together. Our movie is releasing on 22nd June. Do watch It.