leaked Censor Reports of Nela Ticket

Ravi Teja , Kalyan Krishna, Nela Ticket

"Nela Ticket" is the new movie of Mass Maharaja 'Ravi Teja'. The movie is going to be release on May 25th and trailer released is already creating lot of buzz. The class and mass dialogues in the trailer for huge response from fans and crowd alike.

According to the leaked Censor report, First Half is very entertaining with Ravi Teja style comedy and action. The Second Half is very good with lot of emotions and family drama. Overall the leaked report said the film is going to be big hit.

In addition to this, from some of the crew who know the story, we got to know that "Nela Ticket" Climax is fantastic and it is very emotional like Chiranjeevi's "Tagore" movie. We also got to know that the climax has awesome dialogues and the song "Namaste" comes here. There is a scene in the trailer where everyone salutes Ravi Teja and it might be a scene from climax.