Born : December 11, 1980, First Movie : Varudu, Recent Release : Aishwaryabhimasthu,


Arya (born 11 December 1980 as Jamshad Cethirakath) is an Indian film actor who mainly appears in Tamil films. 

He is best known for his roles in the films Pattiyal (2006), Naan Kadavul (2009), Sarvam ,Arinthum Ariyamalum, Madrasapattinam (2010), Boss Engira Bhaskaran (2010) & Vettai (2012)

Arya was born on in Trikarpur, Kerala, India. He has a younger brother, named Sathya and Razi, who are studying. 

He graduated with an engineering degree from Crescent Engineering College, based at Vandalur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. 

He did his schooling in SBOA Matriculation and Higher Secondary School, Chennai.


News about Arya

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Our originality is our strength! We will never ever consciously copy another person’s work.

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